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Jack of all trails, master of fun

Trek Fuel EX

Holding the cards to perfect trail days

Shuffling things up and dealing a royal flush of adjustability, capable handling, and a grin-inducing playful ride, Fuel EX is back and more ready than ever to tame any trail. It packs in longer-travel suspension to broaden the horizons of a trail bike into bigger terrain and faster speeds, with a lively character that begs to be let loose on the singletrack. From lacing lines through tight aspens, to rallying root lattices and barreling through berms, any trail, any way, Fuel EX is up to get down.

Golden Heaven

Winding through ponderosa pine and sneaking past mountain goats that freckle the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains, Casey Brown and Kirsten Van Horne let ‘er rip on the ultimate British Columbian road trip. From Golden to Kamloops, BC, they tackle miles of grin-inducing singletrack on the ultimate playmate for any kind of trail day — new Fuel EX. 

Let the good vibes roll.

Adjust your bike, not your riding

That “juuust right” feel

Mino Link lets you quickly and easily tweak your geometry, so your bike is always tuned perfectly for the terrain and your riding style.

Slack or steep, the choice is yours

Install angle adjust headset cups (sold separately) to tweak the 64.5-degree headtube angle a degree steeper or slacker to your liking — all without impacting your bottom bracket height.

Business in the front, party in the back

Craving the nimble ride of 27.5 ? wheels but don’t want to sacrifice the speed of a 29er? No need to choose. Fuel EX is mullet-ready, just throw Mino Link in high, toss on a 160mm fork, and get ready to party.

Adjustable Leverage Rate

Adjustable Leverage Rate

Easily adjust suspension progression with just a flip of a chip. Ride it in the Less progressive setting for a plusher feel perfect for rugged trails loaded with square-edge bumps. Flip it to More progressive when you’re riding fast, hitting big features, and don’t want to bottom out — or if you want to roll with a coil shock.

Fit for everyone

Sized for every rider

Whether your head is above the clouds, or you stand at a lower altitude, Fuel EX’s huge size range provides an awesome fit for every rider. If you fall between XS and XXL you’ll be ready to saddle up with size-appropriate wheels and chainstay lengths for a ride that’s fine tuned to you no matter your height.



The slack and stable 64.5-degree head tube angle complements the longer-travel suspension for more confidence.


A steeper, 77.2-degree seatube keeps you perched for pedaling efficiency on long fire roads and quick, punchy climbs.


Longer reach compensates for the steeper seat tube, so you stay comfortable in the cockpit and ready for what’s around the corner.


Size-specific chainstays give smaller riders more nimble handling, while taller riders get better front wheel traction on climbs.

New frame, new possibilities

Fuel EX’s new generation opens up possibilities for riders who want full customization. Broader shock compatibility allows for more aftermarket upgrades, like coil shocks. A larger 34.9mm seat tube accommodates larger, more robust dropper posts.

Non-stop suspension

Trek’s exclusive Active Braking Pivot keeps your suspension active while you’re braking (which is often when you need it most).

Clean and easy

Internal routing tunnels eliminate cable rattle and simplify maintenance along with a robust threaded BB. Bolt-on downtube and chainstay guards protect against rock strikes and shuttle damage while muting noise from the trail.

Stow it, don't show it

Stash your ride essentials with in-tube storage on all models — both carbon and alloy. Included Bontrager BITS bag keeps all your odds and ends organized.

The Fuel EX Family

Fuel Ex Gen 5

Fuel EX Gen 5

With 130mm rear and 140mm front travel, Fuel EX Gen 5 dishes out more nimble handling with less weight, along with better components for the price and internal storage on carbon models.

Fuel Ex Gen 6

Fuel EX Gen 6

With 140mm rear and 150mm front travel, Fuel EX Gen 6 gives you extra adjustability features and more stable handling, plus a more robust frame with internal storage on all models, including alloy.

$5,499.99 - $7,699.99
$2,999.99 - $3,699.99
$3,499.99 - $4,299.99
$7,799.99 - $9,749.99
$8,599.99 - $10,749.99

Looking for something a little different?

Top Fuel

Top Fuel

Sometimes less is more. Top Fuel is a shorter-travel full-suspension down-country bike ready for all-day pedal fests. It’s just as happy hammering out miles on smooth-rolling cross country singletrack as it is dipping over the backside of the mount.



Want to go bigger? Slash is a long-travel trail bike that looks like a monster truck and rides like a magic carpet. It’s built for big all-mountain terrain, racing the clock on rugged enduro lines, and having a rip-roaring good time in the rough.

Trails are better with Trek