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Bike Fitting

Do you experience pain or discomfort when cycling? Numb hands? Sore butt? We can help. We make your bike fit YOU, not the other way around.

Choose from one of our two fit levels:

$75 One Hour Quick Fit

For cyclists on a budget, this is a great way to cover the essentials of a proper bike fit. Seat height, seat position and tilt, as well as stem length and height are all covered. We recommend arriving in cycling clothes and inflating your tires to max pressure before arriving to maximize fit time.

$150 Motion Capture Precision Fit

This two hour average fit utilizes motion capture video technology to analyze and document rider position and improvements. We work from the bottom of your feet to the tips of your fingers to ensure a perfect fit.

Also included in this package:

30 day follow up fit adjustment.

20% off one time purchase of parts, accessories or clothing